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Bee Products

Bee Products

We need bees...

Bushveld Bees was started with the aim to increase the growth of healthy populations of bees. As natural pollinators, having more bees means more growth for our raw food sources.

Quarter of all known bees ‘not seen since 1990’ | The Independant

Own a property?

Partner with Bushveld Bees!

We offer our professional knowledge and guidance to allow you to effectively own and manage your own pollinators. Our partnership allows you access to not only our expertise but our suppliers and contacts as if we are part of your business.

Benefits to the property

  • Produce honey on your own property for yourself or as an extra revenue stream
  • Pay for no (or reduced) pollination services
  • Own your own pollinators

Honey Bottling Services

  • 50% of the extracted honey will be bottled for you to sell or gift to friends and family
  • Bottles are labelled with your company farm name and/or logo

Beekeeping Courses

  • Learn to deal with the very delicate balance of nature in order to efficiently run your hives
  • Cost of courses will be discussed in advance and customised to your circumstances

Our Honey + Hive Collection

Thank you, Bushveld Bees, for the removal of bees at John Peattie House, ensuring our residents are kept safe. Tracy's service is amazing, and she is very knowledgeable in her field. She was very quick to respond to our call for help. Thank you so much Tracy and Bushveld Bees.
Lilian Strydom
Bushveld Bees takes the conservation of bees and the education of children and adults about bees to another level. I have found their staff to be friendly, knowledgeable, polite and informative in all my dealings with them. I recommend Bushveld Bees to anyone who needs their products and services.
Rene Jose
Amazing service assisting me with quotes on service and products. Extra shout out to Tracy for being a star. A must try is the Coastal Gardens honey.
Jaydin.W Williams