Removals and Services

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Bushveld Bees Removals and Services are specialists in professional and ethical bee removals in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa.

They company is registered with the department of Agriculture and a registered member of SABIO(The South African Bee Industry Organization) as well as The KZN Bee Farmer’s Association.

Bushveld Bees Removals consist of 6 professional beekeepers who have received additional training and certification for working at heights, ethical beekeeping certification through Bushveld Bees, removing and dealing with aggressive hives, bee removals from difficult or restricted areas to mention only a few.

Our aim is to safely remove bees from any “location” to ensure that people, pets, and other animals can resume their normal lives without the threat of being stung by any bees. After the bees have been removed, they are relocated to several safe bee-friendly apiaries until a new suitable location can be found where the bees will prosper.

We have personal liability cover to ensure you are covered during all bee removals.

Bushveld Bees Removals remove bees from any type of locations for example:

  • Commercial areas – hotels, BnB’s, factories, offices, restaurants, sawmills, high rise buildings, no site is too big or small for our teams.
  • Public and Residential areas – schools, hospitals, clinics, houses, playgrounds, water and electrical boxes, roofs, ceilings, from under floors, wall cavities even big old trees. – No removal is too big or small for our specialist beekeepers.

Bee removals should only be done by professionally trained beekeepers as bees are dangerous and will become aggressive during a removal.

Contact us today to help solve your bee related problem and ensure that you, your customers, staff and family are safe, and they bees are removed and re-established in a suitable location and environment.

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